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6 Great Reasons To Eat Cultured Dairy Foods

2012 November 20
by Alan

Cultured dairy foods are great for your body because they help you digest foods better and they help give your intestinal tract the necessary bacteria it needs to function properly. Unfortunately, pasteurized and processed dairy products, and especially milk, may be missing these vital bacteria as well as many other nutrients and vitamins.

Watch the video below to find out 6 great benefits of cultured dairy foods:

Tweets About Nutrition

2012 June 19
by Alan

If you aren’t familiar with Twitter and what you can find there, you can find lots and lots of great information about nutrition, food, dieting, fitness and more. Some of the best information is under the heading of nutrition because there are so many things tied to eating a healthy diet and the food you put in your body, all kinds of people talk about that subject on Twitter. So, featured below are some recent tweets found from individuals all across the Twitterverse about nutrition:

You really want those Chicken McNuggets:

And here’s a bit of propaganda from the Washington Post about so-called functional food. The article basically claims that most food items that make claims for health are misleading you. Well isn’t that interesting, he FDA cracks down on so-called “false claims” but does nothing about the rampant corruption and political quid pro quo  in the pharmaceutical industry. Good one:

Of course there are also real scams with food companies trying to promote their junk as nutritious and helpful for a specific ailment when in fact, it isn’t.

What Is Better, Working Out or Sleeping In?

2012 June 12
by Alan

Source: via Jordan on Pinterest

What is better for your body, working out or sleeping in? What do you think will bring you more compliments, working out or sleeping late till 10:00 am or even later?

I guess that’s the big decision, isn’t it? You can get your beauty rest and sleep in and how does that usually make you feel? But when you get up out of bed a an early hour and go get some exercise, then how dose that make you feel?

It is pretty clear what the better decision is.

12 Delicious And Healthy Snacks

2012 June 12
by Alan

Source: Uploaded by user via Jordan on Pinterest

Here are 12 delicious and healthy snacks that will keep you going in a healthy way. Instead of reaching for a candy bar or sweet roll from a place like Panera when you get the munchies, try one of these 12 healthy snacks instead.

Here are the 12 healthy snacks listed below:

1. Apple slices and peanut butter

2. Banana berry smoothie

3. Frozen fruits

4. Non sugary cereal and milk

5. Fruit and yogurt parfait

6. Reverse wrap with the meat on the outside

7. Guilt free popcorn

8. Bread and healthy jam.

9. Rice cake and peanutbutter

10. 1 egg omelette

11. Cinnamon and fruit

12. Fruit Popsicle with yogurt

Enjoy one of the 12 healthy snack for a great alternative to junk when you are feeling hungry.

Fitness Motivation

2012 June 11
by Alan

via Emily on Pinterest

Great fitness advice! No matter how slow you go when starting on any exercise program, you are still way ahead of all the people still sitting on the couch. Even if you just start out by walking 15 minutes a day and then progress to 30, at least you did something to get started which many people never do. Don’t worry about what other people think, just go out and do it!