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Camp Shane Weight Loss

2009 September 8
by Alan

Camp Shane Weight Loss Camp is specifically geared towards overweight kids who need fun and inspirational guidance to lose weight and keep it off. The program has been featured on many different TV shows and specials, and is family-owned and operated. The camp was first established back in 1968, and its mission is to provide kids with a weight loss alternative that is fun, safe, and comfortable. The staff at Camp Shane is made up of experts or former campers, which gives them the ability to understand what the kids need and the situation that they are in.

There are plenty of activities at Camp Shane Weight Loss Camp, including performing arts, educational resources, sports, and even crafts. The goal is to create healthier families and children, not just to foster weight loss with no education or ongoing support. The camp takes place in Ferndale, NY, which is about two hours from New York City, and it offers classes on nutrition, cooking, positive thinking, and living a healthy lifestyle. It is a comprehensive program that is not going to just focus on weight loss alone, which is great for kids and families of all kinds.

Camp Shane Weight Loss Camp is designed to provide kids with a safe haven where they can learn about health, nutrition, and effective weight loss without the fear of being picked on, made fun of, or teased about their weight. Since everyone at the camp is there to lose weight, there is essentially no reason that kids can’t get along and enjoy themselves. Of course, these are kids of all ages, so not everyone is going to get along. However, with the positive environment, caring staff, and fun experiences, it is a summer program that kids will remember for years to come.

The Camp Shane Weight Loss Camp program doesn’t focus on dieting or fads. Instead, it teaches kids about proper nutrition, portion control, and enjoying their favorite foods in healthy amounts. It’s not all salads and granola here. Kids eat and enjoy their everyday foods, but in portions that are healthy and more controlled than they might have eaten previously.

The exercise includes things like swimming, sports as well as adventure activities like hiking, eco-adventures, and more. That allows the kids to feel more like they’re just having fun at camp than typical exercise routines which aren’t as appealing to children. The camp does carry a hefty price tag, but is one of the most effective solutions for kids’ weight loss in the country.

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