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Dr Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Solution

2009 October 7
by Alan

Dr. Phil, a daytime talk show sensation second only to Oprah, has a fairly new diet book known as Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Solution. Dieting can be discouraging and difficult for many people however, Dr. Phil seems to have a very active plan that can give results immediately, and help you keep them for a lifetime to come. You don’t have to count calories or track other foods with this program. Instead, the focus is on finding out the real reasons that you lose control of your weight, tools to help you figure out what, when, and how to eat, and answers to help you understand why you eat when you aren’t hungry, making it easier to stop those habits.

Dr. Phil McGraw is a very straightforward self-improvement professional spent years counseling obese and overweight people, helping them to understand how to deal with their personal truth first and then replacing that bad truth with a positive one to get them on the path to success.

When you change the inside first, changing the outside becomes easier, according to Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Solution. Get rid of junk food, replace bad eating habits with constructive habits, and learn to get a handle on your diet and nutrition once and for all. Unlike many diet plans, he doesn’t stop there.

Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Guide claims that exercise is critical to your success. For once, a professional is willing to tell people that they can’t get thin just by changing what they eat forever. Exercise will help to guarantee continued weight loss and keeping the weight off, which is what so many people struggle with. Meal replacement beverages and bars are recommended on this plan, because they can keep you from straying off track when you’re too busy or tied to make a real meal. Just don’t rely on them, the book says, because nothing replaces a real meal.

The effectiveness of Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Guide is going to be dependent upon each person that tries the program and the success that they experience. Not everyone will have the same results, and people need to check out what they’re getting into to make sure that they choose the right plan. Nevertheless, this plan seems to have it all: nutrition education and healthy lifestyle changes, personal and emotional issues and how to handle them, and exercise as a critical part of the process of healthy living.

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