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Jenny Craig Weight Loss

2009 October 8
by Alan

Jenny Craig Weight Loss is probably one of the most common names that people think of when it comes to losing weight. The program has been around for more than a decade, and started as a diet program for women who wanted to lose weight. Throughout the years, it has changed like many diet programs have, and has become an all-encompassing program. It was one of the first successes of its kind, offering low membership fees and it’s very own line of food products that members paid for instead of having to learn to prepare their own meals.

These meals can be very expensive, which deters many people from the Jenny Craig weight loss program. So many people prefer to figure out how to eat and cook healthy for a future lifestyle of health and wellness rather than to pay for expensive meals that are pre-portioned and controlled for the rest of their lives. For, some, the success is enough to keep them a member for life. The portioned food works perfectly and the program is affordable to them. It can be an effective solution to weight loss if you’ve got the money to spend. In these tough economic times, though, it can become more of an expense than many people can handle.

When you join the Jenny Craig weight loss program, you get access to one-on-one training and support, free phone consultations, recipes, weekly tips, and progress trackers from the website, and even home-delivered meals and direct service from the newer Jenny Direct program, where you don’t even have to leave your home to be a member.

You’ll get your own personal consultant who can help you to understand eating healthy and staying active, and you can find local centers that will allow you to enjoy meeting with other members and consultants in person allowing you to make the most of your membership in every way possible.

The focus with the Jenny Craig weight loss program starts with food, and building a healthy relationship with it. Then, the focus shifts to body, which teaches you how to live active, rather than making special exceptions for weight loss.

Finally, the mind is addressed, giving you a positive outlook and constant motivation and inspiration from your personal consultant so that your lifestyle is completely balanced on every level. If you are able and willing to spend the money on the special meals and membership fees, Jenny Craig can be an effective solution for weight loss.

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