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Valerie Bertinelli Jenny Craig

2009 October 12
by Alan

Vallerie Bertinelli Jenny CraigIf you’ve ever wondered about Valerie Bertinelli Jenny Craig success, there is plenty to learn. She started as a spokesperson for the diet program in 2007, after a referral from Kirstie Alley. Valerie weighed 172 pounds when she started, and had to battle her weight loss in front of millions as America watched her become the next Jenny Craig spokesperson. It’s been two years, and she’s lost a total of 47 pounds to date.

Forty of the pounds Valerie lost were lost in the first year, and now she’s getting into the maintenance stage of her diet plan. The maintenance stage is probably more important to dieting than actually losing the weight in the first place. The reason for this is that if you can’t keep the weight off, which most people don’t, then you will do the classic yoyo diet such as Kirstie Alley did.

Aside from Valerie Bertinelli, Jenny Craig has many success stories to report. However, none are as dramatic or shocking as Valerie’s story, but only because you are able to see her in action all along the way and watch her progress and her amazing transformation. Some people have a lot of success with programs like this. Valerie has been successful thus far, and as long as she doesn’t fall into the same trap that Kirstie Alley did, she should continue to do well into the future.

Stay tuned to find out what happened to Kirstie Alley and learn more about Valerie’s success with Jenny Craig.

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