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Wii Fit Part 2

2009 October 27
by Alan

Another thing you will do with this cool video fitness program is you’ll also do a Wii Fit age test to see how well you can control your balance and determine what level you’re starting at with the Wii Fit program, which is designated as your ‘age’. The program does all this customization to make you feel more in touch with it and to give you better results as to how you are progressing with your fitness and weight loss goals.

There are four categories of activities include balance games, aerobics, strength training, and yoga. The more you exercise the more activities you’ll unlock and be able to enjoy into the future. When you play a certain event a lot, the game will track that and put it into a ‘Favorites’ category for you.

There is room for up to 8 profiles in the Wii Fit game from Nintendo, allowing families and friends to have a healthy competition of exercise and getting fit, because everyone’s results are displayed on the profile selection screen regularly. If you’re not quite the active type, and are looking for a fun and more exciting way to get in shape, this might very well be the game for you.

Take the time to check out all of the different accessories that you can get with the game, including a carrying bag, water bottle, and other great toys. For a fun and active personal fitness tool, or as a fun family program, this game is a great choice and you can get in shape and loe weight in the privacy of your own home.

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