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5 Factor Diet

2009 November 17
by Alan

The 5 Factor Diet is a book that is offered by Harley Pasternak, a celebrity trainer extraordinaire. The experts are still divided on the subject of whether this program is successful or not, but it can be successful for some. This diet program doesn’t have a lot of real science behind it, which leaves many experts feeling like it might all be a scam to get people to buy into the hype of a hot celebrity trainer without even thinking about the real facts behind the diet. Other people see it as a sound approach to weight loss that is far better than what most Hollywood diets have to offer.

Many times a celebrity diet is nothing more than just eating the same foods some hot celebrity is. The only reason people are so excited about it is that there’s a famous person promoting it. But it usually turns out that the diet is nothing extraordinary. That isn’t necessarily so with the Five Factor Diet.

The 5 Factor Diet is based on eating a meal with five basic elements: protein, complex carbs, fiber, fat, and fluids. Also, the five stands for five meals a day and recipes that contain five ingredients or less and take less than five minutes of prep and five minutes of cooking time. Add to that the five day exercise plan that consists of—you guessed it—five exercises that you do for five minutes each. Together, this program targets all the areas of importance when it comes to weight loss and is much more likely to produce results because of it.

Some experts see the 5 factor diet as a healthy plan that covers all the food bases and makes sure that people are eating what they need to be eating, while others think it has no scientific basis and is therefore quite useless in most instances. The exercise consists of cardio and strength training combined, which is often the most effective way to keep your muscles guessing and foster high numbers in weight loss.

The developers of this diet planned the food because it has a low glycemic index, or effect on blood sugar. This is all the rage in diets right now, so it makes this one especially hot. With may people suffereing from diabetes because of the over abundance of sugar in the American diet, this is what makes this diet so popular.

If you have a problem with emotional overeating, the 5 factor diet might not be right for you. However, for anyone who wants more from their weight loss and diet plan and has no emotional ties or problems with food, this could be the plan to have. It has a great diet, great exercises, and great support through the website and others who use the diet. Ultimately, it will come down to you choosing what you want, but if you want something that’s new and famously popular, you should consider this diet.

Another diet that is popular is the FBF or Fat Burning Furnace.

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