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Portion Control Diet

2009 November 23
by Alan

Here’s a simple diet that doesn’t cost anything. It also doesn’t require that you go to the gym, buy expensive food such as the Jenny Craig diet does, exercise like a crazy person trying to burn off your fat, you don’t have to go to weekly meetings nor do you have to count your calories with everything you put in your mouth.

It’s called the portion control diet and it is as simple as it sounds.  There’s nothing to it except developing the discipline to put less food on your plate, resulting in you obviously eating less. The main issue with a lot of individuals who are overweight is that they eat too much. You may be one of those persons that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t eat less food.

I don’t blame you. It’s definitely hard to control how much you eat when all around us we are essentially being told to eat more. Portion sizes in restaurants are huge, our dinner plates are huge and if you haven’t noticed, just take a look at the hamburgers sold by major franchises such as McDonald’s and Burger King. Every time you turn around their burgers are getting bigger or they are adding a couple slices of bacon, extra cheese, some kind of fattening sauce or a combination of all of these.

Yes, the portion control diet does require you to have some discipline, but there are things you can to to learn that discipline. When you go to restaurants, ask your waiter to split your order in to 2 portions and box it up before it even comes to the table. Eat slower, take a few bites and rest, or after you are one half the way through your meal, take a break and talk for 5 minutes with friends. At home you can even buy portion control plates that show you as you are eating,how much food should fit in its appropriate section on your plate. Or you can just eat your meals from a smaller plate, then you can see that you are eating too much food if you go overboard.

It’s not that hard to get started on a portion control diet when you get going with these simple, easy to follow steps.

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