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The Truth About Abs

2009 November 18
by Alan

The Truth About AbsThe Truth about Abs is a popular program for people looking to lose stubborn belly fat and gain lean, muscular stomachs or more commonly known as ripped abs. The program was created by Mike Geary, and comes with mixed reviews from every person who has tried the program. Some have seen success, while others haven’t been able to achieve the goals they were hoping for, but still had limited success. Others think the product isn’t something for their needs.

The hard thing about diet and workout reviews is that each person has individual needs that should be met, so there really is no objective resource to tell you which diet is best for you. However, if you want lean, sculpted abs, this program might be able to help.

The Truth About Abs

The Truth about Abs isn’t perfect, but no diet plan or workout routine is. It is designed to focus on the stomach and building the abs, which is what it does. There are so many different contraptions out there, especially for abs, that it might seem easy just to buy a product and hope that it works, however, most gadgets don’t actually do what they’re supposed to, and for many various reasons. Mainly, they don’t give a good enough workout, and they don’t factor in nutrition, which is critical to your success.

Nutrition is critical because most people eat less when they want to lose fat, but that ends up slowing down their metabolism and causes them to gain fat rather than lose it. Putting the best food possible into your body is one of the major keys to losing fat and weight and then keeping it off. You really need to build muscle to keep off your fat, and good nutrition is the foundation to fat loss.

Come back again for the next post on The Truth About Abs where we will go into more detail about how the program works.

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