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The Abs Diet

2009 December 30
by Alan

Like all new and happening diet trends, the Abs Diet claims that it is new and revolutionary, and that it will ‘dramatically improve’ your body. In most cases, a lot of this is just good marketing. In some instances, the diet will be effective, but the chances are greater of you losing weight with simple diet and exercise alone. Nonetheless, all diet plans deserve a second look, so let’s get down to business and see what this diet is all about.

The Abs Diet was developed by David Zinczenko, the editor-in-chief of Men’s Health Magazine. He sees it as his job to analyze health and nutrition information the same way that stock brokers analyze stocks. His goal is to figure out how people can get healthy, and in this instance, how people can get great looking abs like you see Hollywood stars such as Taylor Lautner has. He claims that it is his goal to find you the fastest, smartest, and best ways to gain the advantage and start shaping your abs today.

Zinczenko promotes this diet as a 6 week program that is designed to give anyone great abs and keep them lean and healthy at the same time. He actually goes as far to guarantee it, so make sure that you take him up on that if you don’t see results.

The program has never been published before, and is his own creation to turn belly fat away and sculpt abs that anyone could be proud of. However, the Abs Diet is based on the same principle as many other diets: feed the body, don’t starve it. With this diet, you supposedly can eat more and weigh less, turn fat into muscle (that’s not really possible), and look and feel younger by the time that all is said and done.

How much of this is actually possible or true is debatable, and the effectiveness of the diet will vary based on each person who tries it as well as if they invest the full effort into the program or not. It has been said by many that it is nearly impossible to target a specific part of the body for fat loss. While you can do some exercises to help build up you abs, they will never show through unless you get rid of the fat that is covering them. And that is only going to happened by reducing your overall body fat percentage, not just stomach fat.

The Abs Diet also claims to be fast and safe, but any diet that is fast is usually going to have its red flags. The book can be purchased through his website, or through almost any website that sells diet books. He goes on to claim that when you feed your body lots of protein and fat, it will respond by turning away the fat and using the protein to build muscle. Since the body gets fat in the diet, it doesn’t need to store as much, which leads to fat loss in the end. Whether or not it will work for you is your call, but it seems effective enough.

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