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Belly Fat Cure – How To Lose Four To Nine Pounds a Week

2010 January 24
by Alan

Belly Fat CureFor many people who want to lose stubborn belly fat, the last place they see results is with conventional eating plans. The Belly Fat Cure book by Jorge Cruise throws conventional thinking out the window. It is not so much the number of calories we eat, but the kind of calories we eat. The focal point is carb swapping. Instead of giving up foods we love, we are able to eat a version that contains less sugar. By eating less sugar, you are able to lower insulin levels. This is what has been locking in the belly fat and preventing weight loss for many people and keeping them from losing the weight.

We will show examples of a bad belly fat diet followed by a diet that helps you reduce belly fat and lose up to nine pounds a week. A typical, traditionally healthy breakfast contains low-fat yogurt and a banana. However, the banana has 14 grams of sugar and the yogurt has 31 grams, three times the amount of sugar the Belly Fat Cure recommends in a day. Smoothies are great low-fat meal replacements as an alternative to sugary cereals or prepackaged oatmeal. The downside is that a standard smoothie has 84 grams of sugar. This causes insulin levels to spike and prevents us from achieving our weight loss goals.

The 100-calorie snack packs seem like a great alternative to candy, but due to the amount of preservatives in them they have ten grams of sugar. For dinner, there’s grilled chicken breast with barbeque sauce. While the chicken is a low-fat meal, the sauce has 17 grams of sugar per serving. If you add fat-free chocolate milk to it, you also add 54 grams of sugar. This totals more than 200 grams of sugar in a day. For a Belly Fat Cure menu, start the day with a vegetable omelet with cheese, coffee with cream and a natural sugar substitute for meal with zero grams of sugar.

Have a panini chicken sandwich with bacon, cheese and pickles for a satisfying lunch with zero grams of sugar, but plenty of fat with the cheese, chicken and bacon. For a snack, have individual cheese balls. They also have no sugar. For dinner, keep the grilled chicken, but replace the barbeque sauce with pasta and vegetables. Add a glass of wine or unsweetened ice tea and 86% dark chocolate for dessert, and you have a meal with only 5 grams of sugar. That’s 195 grams less than the “healthy” meals. The Belly Fat Cure shows you how to choose foods that help lower insulin levels and lose weight. But because of the author’s obvious lack of belief in fat reduction (cheese and bacon on your checken sandwich) we can’t recommend this diet.

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  1. January 25, 2010

    Meal replacements are great especially when they are very healthy and filling. Check out Shakeology, The Healthiest Meal of the Day. Get a free sample here

  2. pleasegrow permalink
    May 14, 2010

    Fat isn’t BAD, read the research and step out of the 90’s.

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