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Cambridge Diet

2010 January 4
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by Alan

The Cambridge Diet is a UK based diet trend that started back in the 1970s at Cambridge University. It was officially launched in 1984, and can be found all over the world today. The diet is rather simple, and is a very low calorie diet, often referred to as a VLCD. It consists of pre-packaged food products and can be found in shakes or soups (powdered), bars, and ‘brix’.

Some of the plans call for as few as 415-500 calories a day, which is less than half of the recommended amount without doctor supervision. After time passes, the calories go up, but never surpass 1,000 calories per day. This is a very low and can be considered even dangerous caloric intake. A diet such as this should not be undertaken except under strict supervision by a licensed health care practitioner.

Water is critical to the diet, because if you’re going to be depriving your body of so many calories, you at least need to keep it hydrated so that you don’t have problems with dehydration. The Cambridge Diet and all research on it explicitly states that it shouldn’t be done without the help and guidance of a licensed doctor or medical practitioner and that people in the UK can only do the diet through accredited parties if their BMI is over 25. These can be very good diets for people of all ages and sizes, but they MUST be medically monitored so that people don’t injure themselves.

During the time that people are on the Cambridge Diet, exercise isn’t an issue unless it is low intensity, because the body simply doesn’t have enough fuel to work out. Plus, fiber supplements might be required to keep people regular and eliminate the risk of constipation. You must be very careful with this diet. While it is effective, it can also be very dangerous, which is why you need to proceed with caution, and only with the approval of your doctor.

The Cambridge Diet is not readily available to the public. It is only sold through distributors, and the US version of the program provides slightly different food products than the ones sold in the UK, but everyone still needs to seek medical supervision and be careful on this diet. It’s not like a typical meal delivery diet that allows you to eat less and lose weight with their convenient products. With less than half of the calories that your body needs to run on a daily basis being consumed, you’re sure to lose weight, but who knows what else you might lose if you aren’t careful with a diet as intense as this one?

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