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Healthy Decadence

2010 January 20
by Alan

Healthy Decadence is a great food show on the Discovery Health channel, hosted by the one and only Devin Alexander. Her goal is to reinvent favorite foods in a manner that is healthier, by reducing calories and fat without sacrificing flavor. You can still enjoy chicken parmesan, glazed pork tenderloin, and even double chocolate brownies without having to lose the flavor, according to Devin’s recipes and suggestions.

Devin lost 55 pounds over 15 years ago and has maintained it ever since by simply making slight alterations in her food to cut the fat and calories without cutting out all of the good stuff. While you can lose weight by eating a diet such as this, you may not be getting the nutrition your body really needs. Double chocolate brownies may taste good, but are the the best kind of food that your body really needs?

Healthy Decadence is a new adventure for Devin, who started with a cookbook in 2006 titled Fast Food Fix, giving healthy versions of fast food favorites for people who struggled with diets and healthy eating because of these tempting pit-stops. She wrote the Biggest Loser Cookbook that same year, which was her second book. She has also been a food editor, culinary advisor, and written many other articles on food and healthy eating. She is the owner and executive chef of a restaurant in L.A. known as Café Renee Catering, and used to be an assistant teacher at the Westlake Culinary Institute.

Come back tomorrow to learn more about what’s called the Healthy Decadence way of eating.

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