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Taco Bell Diet – Drive Thru Diet

2010 January 11
by Alan

It seems like lately everyone has to get in on the diet and weight loss craze, including fast food restaurants. The latest fad is the Taco Bell Diet also known as the Drive thru diet. Just as Subway had a Jared who lost some 245 pounds eating healthy choices on the menu, Taco Bell now has Christine who lost 54 pounds eating supposed healthy choices off the Fresco menu.

While it is good that fast food restaurants are offering healthy choices on their menus, many (including us here at Weight Loss Diet Plans) see this as nothing more than just a cleaver marketing gimmick by Taco Bell to get more people in their restaurant. There isn’t any doubt that fast food has been, and still is, inherently bad for you. Just about everyone knows that fast food is full of salt, fat, additives, excitotoxins, msg and all sorts of bad stuff. It seems a little hypocritical that these restaurants would be trying now to get in on the diet and weight loss craze.

Christine focused her weight loss efforts on trying to limit her calories to not more than 1,250 per day and that’s what the Taco Bell Drive Thru Diet is geared around, yet some of the items on the menu such as the Volcano Nachos weigh in at nearly 1,000 calories alone. And other fattening menu items can bring an entire meal here South of the Border way over the limit of fat and salt for an entire day in just a single meal.

Because most of Taco Bell’s customers make their visit by going through the drive thru, that’s where the focus of the low fat menu items is. Visitors inside can also choose the lower fat menu items. Many dietitians are having difficulty with these so called diet menu items because they either have no nutrition or get more than half their calories from fat as in the case of the Fresco Crunchy Taco. Many of these items also have increased sodium added to give more flavor since the consumer will be eating less calories. That just tells me Taco Bell has no idea what a healthy diet really is.

While many fast food restaurants have brought many healthier choices to their menus, this is becoming a new fad to actually call these items diet food and then go on to suggest you can actually make a weight loss diet from this junk. Nice try Taco Bell, we don’t buy it, and neither should you.

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