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The Shake Weight

2010 January 25
by Alan

The Shake WeightIf you are a woman that has flab under your arms, you know, that extra skin that shakes or jiggles when you hold your arms up, then the Shake Weight gimmick may be for you. This little weight gizmo supposedly helps you tone the flab under your arms by focusing working out those muscles.

The Shake Weight is a unique barbell that you move from side to side by shaking it with a certain up and down motion of your arms. The technology in this little contraption is called Dynamic Inertia and the manufacturer claims that this unique motion increases upper body and arm muscle activity by 300% or more.

Of course this barbell that helps you lose arm flab is supposedly endorsed by Ellen DegGeneres, the Washington Post, Glamor Magazine, Personal Fit Coach and Gadget Reviews. According to the Shake Weight website all of these entities have either endorsed or written favorable reviews of their new workout dumbell.

One of the more incredible claims of this workout product is that you can get all the benefits offered by using it only 6 minutes a day. While you may get some benefits by using a piece of workout equipment only 6 minutes a day, we can hardly believe it will give you adequate exercise to tone your entire upper body.

While the company never claims that you can get rid of fat under your arms, they do say that their product is a flab buster which implies it will remove fat. The only problem with this is that you can’t spot remove fat from any part of your body, it must be removed all over your body by eating correctly and exercising, especially doing cardio exercises. Once the fat is burned off your body that way, you will then have less fat under your arms.

The Shake Weight costs $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling. You also get a training DVD with that weight as well. Don’t be confused, you only get 1 dumbell with this offer not 2. Will the Shake Weight work? Our answer is that this sounds and looks pretty gimmicky to us, but at only $27.90 and no rebills like the rip off acai berry scams, it may be worth a try.

A better alternative may be to give The Fat Burning Furnace a try and get a whole body diet and workout experience.

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  1. Carol permalink
    March 9, 2010

    Of course the Shake Weight works…..if you combine it with an overall training regimen and proper diet.

    After 2 weeks of use (I added it to my regular arms and shoulders routine 2X a week), I found certain hot spots at my shoulders, pecs and triceps ripping out more than expected. For $20, I think it’s a really nice addition to my home equipment.

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