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Inches A Weigh Weight Loss Centers

2010 February 9
by Alan

If you want to start, Inches a Weigh Weight Loss Centers cost about $25 a week to get going. It’s about $1,200 for the year, with a $199 registration fee that is included. There are sometimes promotions for their programs, depending on where you look. The program is a commercial weight loss center chain that you attend to exercise and receive counsel on nutrition and other elements that affect your life and your lifestyle.

The weight loss program also focuses on typical food that you get from the store, and doesn’t require you to buy special products or food from them. They do offer nutritional supplements and complimentary products, though.

Inches a Weigh weight loss centers claims that they are the only existing commercial weight loss centers with facilities for exercising right there on-site. The chain is also unique from other companies because it offers counseling, shaping tools, and cardio equipment for everyone that walks in the doors. They have a retail café that sells food, low-fat nutritional products and powders of all kinds, but they aren’t required by the centers or the individual programs that people are put on. The company has a track record of 22 years in business.

Inches a Weigh weight loss centers provides a rare service that other programs can’t offer. Neither Weight Watchers nor Jenny Craig can offer everything that Inches a Weigh has. In 1986, the company was started with one center. They now have more than 60 throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company works with fewer employees, less square footage, and minimal operating expenses to keep things simple and easy, and cater to the small niche market of customers that they have. In addition, the centers are usually located in retail areas or shopping centers, and are open from 8:30 to 8:00 Monday to Thursday, until 6 on Friday, and 9:00 to noon on Saturdays.

Inches a Weigh weight loss centers have classes to offer, and you can come in up to six times a week if you want. The centers offer something for just about everyone, and are usually owned by male executives that manage the manager, but some are teams of husband and wife and some are exclusively owned by women. There is a 3-phase program including a family-oriented eating plan for phase one, an on-site figure shaping program for phase 2, and a maintenance program that is fairly lenient for phase 3. The concept was created to allow people the chance to target all the weight loss areas that are important to them, and works for many people.

If you are interested in weight loss in a less expensive way, we suggest you try the FBF Weight Loss program.

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