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Good Carbs or Bad Carbs – Benefits Of The Right Type of Carbs

2010 March 7
by Alan

A few years ago, the most popular diet was one that cut carbohydrates almost completely out of a person’s diet. It stated that carbs were bad and caused weight gain. This meant that most fruits and vegetables were declared off limits in addition to bread and cereal. That diet was replaced with others touting the health benefits of those same fruits and vegetables. This cycling of diets and health reports left many people wondering if their favorite foods were good carbs or bad carbs and should they cut them out entirely, or increase the amount in their diets.

To begin, most people overindulge in carbohydrates that have been refined wheat products. They cause a large swing in blood sugar levels that stimulates your body to store fat as opposed to using it for the energy you need to get through the day. Although many people may recognize these types of carbs as bagels, pasta, and bread, they also include candy bars, soda and fruit juice. The nutrients have been processed out, leaving the sugar and preservatives, creating a spike in insulin. This is a primary contributing factor to type 2 diabetes in many people.

If you are among the millions of people trying to lose weight, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. Reduce the percentage of grain-based food in your daily diet. This includes crackers and rice in addition to pastas and cereals. Replace them with good carbs found in fruits and vegetables. Sweet potatoes and berries are good examples of foods that are low in fat and provide you with the fiber you need to stay satisfied between meals. Cut out the sodas and fruit juices and stick with water to stay hydrated. Any grains that stay in your diet should be the bran and germ.

This is the healthiest part of a grain. To get the nutrients you need, try sprinkling it on your salads or mixing it with yogurt, smoothies or soups. When choosing between good carbs or bad carbs you may feel deprived at first. Fill the void with avocados, nuts, and seeds to help prevent you from falling off the wagon. Satisfy your appetite by increasing the amount of healthy proteins, including whole free-range organic eggs and grass-fed meats and raw dairy. Removing the bad or simple carbs and increasing complex or good carbs in addition to a consistent workout schedule will help you shed the unwanted extra pounds.

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  1. April 1, 2010

    The biggest part of losing weight from fat is using common sense. Donuts, pastries, cookies, snack cakes, and candy fall under the classification of carbohydrates, since the majority of their calories come from sugars, and not protein or fat. These same calorie dense items are void in any significant nutritional value. Someone trying to lose excess fat, that normally has a cheese danish and coffee for breakfast can substitute that with two slices of whole grain toast, a healthier carb, and improve their efforts at fat loss. In all it becomes a matter of reducing the overall calories eaten, and doing your best to make sure those calories are coming from the healthiest sources possible, regardless of the macro-nutrient category.

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