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Healthy Restaurant Meals – Tips For Healthy Meals While Dining Out

2010 April 7
by Alan

For many people, eating out is a big part of their everyday lives. It can be one of the most common contributors to weight gain, especially for those who travel and have to et out frequently. The average restaurant meal contains nearly 1000 calories. That will definitely sabotage any kind of healthy eating plan. There’s no need to despair, however. There are plenty of ways to find healthy restaurant meals.

The first thing to do is skip the appetizer portion of the menu. The offerings here are often fried and covered with some kind of heavy, fat filled sauce. Some actually have as many calories as many entrée on the menu. Also, If you are having several courses to your meal, make sure you eat your salad because it is likely the most nutritious thing on the menu.

It will help fill you up and save on the overall fat and calories in the meal. Ask for the dressing on the side and for the cheese and croutons to be left off. Most restaurants have balsamic vinegar and olive oil as a dressing option. This will be the least detrimental to your eating plan. When ordering healthy restaurant meals, avoid any entree that is described as breaded or fried. Instead, focus on the menu offerings that are grilled or broiled. This also significantly decreases fat and calories. If it comes with a sauce, choose one that is tomato based, not cheese or cream based. The sauce is also something that you can ask for on the side.

The standard portions on most restaurant menus are usually much more than we would normally have on our own. French fries and potato chips account for a lot of the fat in a meal because they are prepared by deep frying and the portions are usually huge. Bypass the refined starches and ask for a double serving of steamed or grilled vegetables instead. This will help the meal stay balanced and still fill you up. Instead of soda or cocktails, opt for unsweetened ice tea or water. This can reduce the overall caloric intake by hundreds of calories.

Most restaurants serve very large portions of food. It may be two or three times what you would normally put on your plate. Don’t try to finish everything. You will eat more than you need to and destroy the efforts you made the rest of the day. Ask for a to-go box and put half of the portion on your plate directly there. It helps prevent overeating and you will have plenty for a full meal the next day. Healthy restaurant meals are not impossible to find, but they may require that you pay more attention to what is on the menu than you are used to.

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