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More Foods That Make You Fat

2010 May 9
by Alan

Back to some people who remove wheat from their diets that we talked about a few days ago. They are no longer plagued with headaches or suffer from frequent indigestion and they can lose weight. Many have also found that their skin becomes smoother and complexion issues fade. Fruit juice is also among the foods that make you fat, even though it has been promoted as being good for you. It is not the carbs in the juice that make you gain weight, but the high percentage of sugar. To process a whole fruit, leaving just the juice, removes most of the nutrients including the fiber. The result is a short-lived sugar rush that gives you energy, but without the fiber that would sustain it.

There is also a crash of blood sugar levels once the juice is digested. This leaves you hungry and craving more carbs. Whole fruits are entirely different from fruit juice. Whole fruits are more satisfying and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to sustain itself. Sugar levels are low and the fiber allows you to digest it slowly. This results in fewer calories being consumed. You don’t need weight loss supplements or gimmicks and gadgets to have fab abs. Cutting foods that make you fat, like wheat and fruit juice products, from your every day diet can help you feel better, reduce common health issues and allow you to lose weight faster.

If you are going to drink fruit juices, then at least get your juice from a real fruits that you juice yourself. You can use a conventional squeeze juicer that you use by hand or that you use as an attachment to a food processor. You can even use something like a Champion Juicer to get juice from carrots and other root vegetables. This is the kind of juice that is bursting with nutrition that your body needs.

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