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Low Carb Meals – Eating Plans For Short Term Weight Loss

2010 June 5
by Alan

A few years ago, low carb meals and diet plans gained widespread popularity. One of the more popular of all reduced carb plans was the Atkins Diet. In fact, it was one of the most popular diets of all time. These diets touted that weight loss could be achieved by increasing protein and fat and reducing or cutting out carbohydrates all together.

Although some people have found success in losing weight by cutting carbs on a short-term basis, it is not a healthy long-term solution. Carbohydrates are one of the three main macro-nutrients essential for good health and efficient body functions. Keeping a low-carb diet, for even a short period of time can be difficult. There are a number of companies that have certified nutrition experts who have created meals designed to contain less than 17 carbs per serving.

While experts agree that low carb meals are not the same as no carb meals, there is no one single definition of what “low carb” actually is. There is no definitive number of carbohydrates that make a diet low-carb. Theoretically, the goal of this type of diet is to replace while flour, sugar, starches, fruits and vegetables. This significantly reduces the number of carbs in your diet. Proper portions of lean entrees replace these foods. When prepared correctly they are also low in fat. In many cases, the program provides participants with customized meals that are quite expensive by the way.

Carbohydrates naturally raise blood sugar levels. The insulin that is produced as a result prevents fat breakdown, which makes it difficult to lose weight. Come back tomorrow when we discuss more about low carb diets and losing weight.

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