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More Ultimate Hard Body Exercises

2010 June 19
by Alan

Tow days about in our first post about Ultimate Hard Body exercises, we talked about squats. Although there are squat machines at most facilities, you will get more out of this exercise if don’t use them. However, you should use a squat rack so you don’t go beyond the point where you can stand up again. But free weights allow your body to follow the correct paths during the exercise, while the machines do not. They also do not allow you to get the full impact of the moves because they help stabilize you, rather than force you to rely on your core for the stability.

Leg curls, extensions, heel raises and lunges will round out the hard body workout. Day two focuses on the chest and triceps, day three is for shoulders. You should rest at least one day between day two and three of your exercise program. This lets your muscles recover and build back their strength.

By the time you reach day four with back, lats and biceps, your body will already be ready for another rest. Skip a day and start with a new four-day routine, hitting the gym hard and strong. To build muscle mass quickly, begin with weights that you can use for sets of 12 easily. Then move to heavier weights and shorter sets. Your goal is to raise the weight until the second set of 6 reps or so is difficult to complete. These ultimate hard body exercises will get you the sculpted body you have always wanted.

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