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The Best Fat Burning Foods – Foods That Will Help You Burn Fat

2010 June 14
by Alan

Diet and nutrition can be very complex and confusing topics if you don’t know where to start. And it can be a bit difficult if you are trying to lose weight and find the best fat burning foods. Every day we are inundated with information on how dangerous fat and cholesterol are and that a balanced diet is necessary for a healthy body.

The problem is that prolonged low-fat diets aren’t necessarily good for us either. With all of the conflicting information about what is good for us and not so good, you may be surprised to learn many of the top fat burning foods actually have fat and cholesterol. This would be he good kind that helps our bodies function better and provides essential vitamins and minerals.

One of the first top fat burning foods is egg yolks. What! Egg yolks? Don’t let the fact that it has fat and cholesterol scare you away. That tiny little yellow gem is packed with omega 3 oil, the good type of cholesterol that helps balance the bad and is nutrient rich. When eaten in conjunction with the egg whites, it makes the protein easier to digest. Avocados are another natural food that is considered “fatty”. However, they are also filled with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The fiber they provide helps keep us full longer, which reduces your daily caloric intake.

Most of the time it is not the amount of calories that you take in, it is what kind of calories you are eating that make the difference. Come back for our next post on other fat burning foods.

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