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Weight Loss Exercises – What Works For Weight Loss?

2010 June 25
by Alan

Despite the fact that most people want to lose weight and understand that exercise is necessary to be successful, they put off trips to the gym and other weight loss exercises. This is primarily because they don’t like to do it. Walking on a treadmill for 45 minutes a day everyday is boring, swimming laps may take the enjoyment out of being in the pool and running five miles a day is certainly not for everyone.

This may make you wonder what weight loss exercises can be done quickly and efficiently, just to be able to enjoy it instead of it being a chore. The answer to the exercise dilemma may surprise you because it is somewhat easier than you may have been led to believe.

The best weight loss exercises can be something that you actually like to do. It is some activity that you can do every day, without losing interest, for 30 to 60 minutes. To be effective, you should also break a sweat. Admittedly, this rules out reading, sleeping and watching television. However, it does leave a lot of open ground. If you like to golf, try to get out on the course more often and walk instead of taking the cart. For those with small children, take an hour to play with them. Chase them during a game of tag, give them piggyback rides or go to the park and play ball.

Good sustained exercise will help you lose weight, but it doesn’t have to kill you in the process. If you make your exercise fun, you will be more apt to do it and that will in turn help you lose the weight you want. We’ll have more about exercising and weight loss in our next post.

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