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Healthy Foods You Should Stop Eating

2010 November 29
by Alan

What would you think if I told you there are 3 so-called healthy type foods that you should almost completely stop eating? You may be shocked to find out that these 3 foods make up almost 67% of what the American diet consists of. That means YOU are probably eating way to much of these foods and they may be having an adverse effect on your effort to get your weight under control.

Guess where those 67% of our caloric intake comes from if you live in the United States. The 3 foods are, are you ready, wheat, corn and soy and their byproducts. Pretty crazy isn’t it? Yes, they may be considered healthy foods, but the fact is, in today’s world, we eat a staggering amount of these 3 staples compared to what humans have eaten throughout history. Want to take a guess at how much wheat, corn and soy we used to eat?

Read on to find out…

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