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Can You Flatten Your Abs While Driving?

2010 December 11
by Alan

Don’t have time to go to the gym and work on reducing your stomach fat? There’s a simple exercise you can do wile driving that will help flatten your stomach. In fact, you don’t have to do this exercise while your driving, you can do it anywhere. And you don’t have to be sitting either, you can do it while standing, kneeling, or even lying flat on the floor or in bed.

We just picked driving as a time to do this exercise because we spend so much time in our vehicles and most of that time can be wasted or extra time, so why not spend it toning your abs? The exercise is called “ab vacuums” and they are really easy to do. And they aren’t anywhere near as distracting as talking on your cell phone.

Learn how to do this simple and effective stomach toning exercise here…

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