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How Dangerous Is Abdominal Fat?

2010 December 22
by Alan

Big Fat StomachNot only is abdominal fat unsightly, it is extremely dangerous to your over all well being. Many people in today’s world have excess abdominal fat and we here in the United States are probably the worst offenders on the planet. We love our huge portions in restaurants and we do the same thing to our plates at home. We are also guilty of exporting out unhealthy diet to other parts of the globe. But everyone has to be responsible for their own eating habits, right.

Many people with all that extra fat around their stomach do a lot to hide it. They wear bigger clothes, or clothes that emphasize other parts of their body so their large stomach won’t be noticed. While it is unhealthy to carry around excess body fat, it is exceptionally dangerous to¬† have excess abdominal fat! Studies have shown that excessive abdominal fat in particular can be a major indicator of heart disease.

Find out more about the dangers of too much abdominal fat and how to help reduce it…

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