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Kelly Preston Weight Loss

2011 November 30
by Alan

Kelly Preston got pregnant at the age of 48 and pregnancy means weight gain and then, dieting and weight loss. But Kelly was 48 when she got pregnant and she was very worried that her body would not bounce back and that she might maintain that extra weight of 39 pounds (she lost more weight on this diet than she gained when pregnant) for a long, long time.

But fortunately, with help from her friend Kirstie Alley, she used a weight loss program known as Organic Liaison that helps you transition from unhealthy eating habits to much more healthy habits all while changing your diet to an organic one. On the diet Kelly Preston was able to lose 39 pounds and now has more energy that she said she had at 20. In fact, Kelly actually lost more weight than she gained when she got pregnant.

Organic Liaison is a 3 step process that comes in what is known as your Rescue Me kit that targets your natural cravings and boosts natural energy. The diet also consists of natural, organic supplements and teaching you how to eat organic by finding your local organic farmers markets, organic restaurants and organic grocery stores.

Not only is the Organic Liaison diet good for you it is good for the environment as well. The new diet designed by Kirstie Alley promotes organic and sustainable farming methods that don’t use chemical fertilizers, hormones, genetically modified foods as well as meats that are antibiotic and growth hormone free. They also promote the humane treatment of animals in all farming methods.

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