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Canola Oil Is Bad News

2011 December 2
by Alan

You almost never can trust the mainstream media. Not only are they completely whacked out when it comes to political news, and totally at a loss when dealing with financial news and information, they also almost always get it wrong when it comes to health news. A case in point is the somewhat recent craze when it comes to canola oil being heart healthy. Don’t believe the lies, canola oil is bad for you and bad for your heart.

Canola oil comes from a genetically engineered plant called the rapeseed plant. While the rapeseed plant in itself is a naturally occurring plant, it is poisonous and all the plants that are used to produce canola oil have to be genetically engineered to lower the amount of harmful toxins in them. The marketing deception around canola oil is huge and there are even very well know medical websites that promote the so-called heart healthy benefits of this oil. Much of what appears in the mainstream media is usually pushed by some industry that will benefit from favorable reports regarding their products. Canola oil is no different. It is promoted by the food industry. In fact, the name canola oil is a completely made up word that is just about as engineered as is the oil. The name comes from the term Canadian oil low acid. So much for originality.

Canola oil is a junk oil because it is also highly refined. Because of the genetically engineered nature of the rapeseed plant canola oil must be highly refined by heating, using chemicals, solvents, petroleum and other caustic products. So much for a good and healthy oil.

Another reason canola oil is not healthy is because it is an unstable oil because of the way it is produced. It breaks down when heated and becomes a saturated oil instead of a polyunsaturated or an unsaturated oil and that is where it then becomes the kind of fat in your body that is bad for your heart. Oils like cold pressed virgin olive oil are not as susceptible to breaking down when heated because they are no highly refined. One more final lie of the canola oil industry is that in some cases this oil can already contain trans fats way above the amount claimed by the industry. Researchers in major universities have found canola oil containing trans fats to be many times what the Canadian government has claimed.

Canola oil is bad news, and it’s probably a good idea to stay away from it. You can read more about the dangers of canola oil here.

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