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Tweets About Nutrition

2012 June 19
by Alan

If you aren’t familiar with Twitter and what you can find there, you can find lots and lots of great information about nutrition, food, dieting, fitness and more. Some of the best information is under the heading of nutrition because there are so many things tied to eating a healthy diet and the food you put in your body, all kinds of people talk about that subject on Twitter. So, featured below are some recent tweets found from individuals all across the Twitterverse about nutrition:

You really want those Chicken McNuggets:

And here’s a bit of propaganda from the Washington Post about so-called functional food. The article basically claims that most food items that make claims for health are misleading you. Well isn’t that interesting, he FDA cracks down on so-called “false claims” but does nothing about the rampant corruption and political quid pro quo  in the pharmaceutical industry. Good one:

Of course there are also real scams with food companies trying to promote their junk as nutritious and helpful for a specific ailment when in fact, it isn’t.

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